7. Qbit, Tau, Arlene and Jenny

  Qbit, Tau, Arlene and Jenny Tau swung his head in the direction of the noise as two people stepped out from the undergrowth and into the clearing. One was holding a large, pulsing and loudly humming weapon and the other looked to be more interested in pulling brambles out of her long hair. The... Continue Reading →

6. Qbit and Tau – Part 2

  Qbit and Tau Part 2 The hairy beast bent down on one knee and set the man’s head gently onto the ground. It stood up to its full height, quietly grunted something to itself, and pulled off the headless man’s arms. Again, crouching down, it gently laid the arms beside the head. The right... Continue Reading →

5. Arlene and Jenny – Part 2

  Arlene and Jenny Part 2 It was a small face… …in a small head… …connected to an equally small body. The face had beautiful blue eyes with well-trimmed eye brows and creamy soft skin. It was wearing a smiling mouth displaying perfect pearl white teeth. “It’s Chad the Ugly!” said Arlene, her mouth dropping... Continue Reading →

2. Emily and Qbit

  1 No matter how hard Emily tried, she could not open her eyes. It was as if heavy weights were attached to her eyelids. She couldn’t recall where she was or even what time of day it was. She tried to force herself to remember but nothing came to her. She thought she could... Continue Reading →

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