Yuki Gets to Earth Part 11

Yuki kept her glasses off so that the three of them could talk as they got the cabin ready for their departure.  Kit assigned himself to a supervisory position and let them handle the actual work. Yuki and Oya put a couple of pieces of firewood into the stove, straightened up the small bed and... Continue Reading →

Yuki Gets to Earth Part 8

1 Yuki had just placed the carrier on the ground when she heard John call out to them. She stood and waved her hand over her head in response. Caroline was squatting next to the carrier with her finger held up to the door’s metal bars. A little pink tongue darted in and out, licking... Continue Reading →

Qbit and Skyler Part 1

Yuki has just left Skyler in his room after talking to him about where he is and how no one can know that he is still alive, even his parents. She past Qbit on her way out... Qbit looked around, spotted a chair by the end of the bed, took two big steps to it,... Continue Reading →

Emily and Qbit Part 2

1 No matter how hard Emily tried, she could not open her eyes. It was as if heavy weights were attached to her eyelids. She couldn’t recall where she was or even what time of day it was. She tried to force herself to remember but nothing came to her. She thought she could make... Continue Reading →

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