A few years ago, I had an idea for a Science Technology Engineering Art Math camp for girls ages 12-14. In a nutshell, the camp activities would follow the story line from a book written for the camp. The “camp girls” would complete the same type of activities and challenges that the “book girls” do. They would also learn about various STEAM topics and apply them to the challenges. Another aspect of the camp would have the “camp girls” complete challenges in a custom designed computer game.

Over time I have come to understand that the book is the crucial piece. Without it I can’t really set a firm relationship to any of the other aspects of the camp. I have spent a lot time developing the characters and the story line but the idea of writing a complete book is very daunting.

The logical answer would be to have someone else write it! I would give them the basics and boom, they would work their magic and, ta da, in no time we would have a book. Movie rights would be next and the rest would be history!

But something (my wife) was telling me that it doesn’t quite work that way. “I should start slow. Find a local author and ask them what they would suggest”, she said. Then it came to me! I should start slow, find a local author and find out what they would suggest! Brilliant! Maybe this book won’t be so hard after all!

To the internet! After an extensive search Siri, I mean I, located an author who writes stories for the same age group. I emailed her and, low and behold, she answered back. The first piece of advice was to slow down and take baby steps. I told my wife, “See, I told you I should start slow.”

The second piece of advice was to, “Start a blog and introduce your character. Get it out to others so they can comment on your ideas.” Hey, I can do that. I mean anyone can write a blog, right? Right?

So, after only 20 minutes of work (okay, it might have taken a little longer) this blog is my attempt to “get it out there.”

So, please read what I have posted and let me know what you think. Feel free to ask questions, give suggestions, whatever. I am all ears.

Thank you,



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