Part 2: The Keepers: Emily

Chapter 1- Time Will Tell Kneeling in the dirt, Emily ran her fingers through the damp soil, breaking apart any of the remaining clumps. She scooped some up, brought it to her nose and inhaled. She loved the smell of freshly turned soil, a lot of good memories lingered in its scent. With a smile... Continue Reading →

Charlotte Takes a Break

Go Right Ahead, Mr. Poirot I finally put the book down just after dinner. My back and butt were starting to ache, so I stretched my arms up over my head and twisted back and forth. It didn’t do much, so I decided to move around a little. Plus, I had so many questions about... Continue Reading →

Part 1- Qbit: Chapter 13

It Only Looks Fast Because You Move So Slow {Chapter 2397 of the Book of Keepers} Mrs. P and Qbit followed the concrete path as it wound its way past two tall oaks surrounded by large patches of pachysandra. They walked up a set of wooden stairs, their footsteps made a solid thump on each... Continue Reading →

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