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Take me to a place I have never been.

Make me into someone I could never be.

Let me do things I could never do.

– Lee Sheldon –

I’m starting my 27th year of teaching and after all these years I think I finally found a quote that pretty well sums up what I believe a child’s education should be based on.

Their experiences whether it be through a public school, private school, home school, or whatever, should give them the opportunity to accomplish things they never thought possible.

I’m not saying that those accomplishments have to be something like having the highest GPA in your class. I’m talking about the student who bakes a cake all by themselves for the first time. Or picks up a paint brush and finds out that “Hey. I’m pretty good at this.” Or pulls on a pair of boots, goes out to the garden and picks tomatoes that they started from seedlings. Or finally “gets” how to multiply fractions and that it’s fun.

This blog is the start of a book. Then a book and a computer game.  Then a book a computer game and a camp. All, based on the idea of letting a student do what they thought they never could.

Paul A. Adam – Teacher, thinker and dreamer.

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