Part 1- Qbit: Chapters 10 & 11

Chapter 10- Happy Birthday Kid!

{Chapter 2395 of the Book of Keepers}

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“Okay, that went smoothly,” said Qbit as they stood in the empty alley. “At least none of us were chopped in half.”

The professor looked behind her at the shimmer they had just come through. “Very funny.” She looked around at the empty trash cans. “Where’s the next one?”

“Over there.” He gestured with the gate tablet. “This one’s going to be a little different.” Qbit rechecked the tablet. “It looks like it exits into the backyard of a house.” He turned toward them. “The next gate is in the same backyard, only a couple of steps away so we’re going to do, what I like to call, a run through.”

“You mean we’re going to do a practice run?”

“No, I mean literally run through this gate then run straight into the other one. Ready?” He moved in front of the next gate.

The professor stroked Aura on the neck. “I don’t think we have much choice.” She adjusted the lead in her hand, looked at Qbit and said, “Okay, ready.”

“On three. One…t”

“Wait!’ shouted the professor, “What happens after we get through the third gate?”

“We’re home free.”

She turned to Aura, “Almost home, girl; hang in there.” The professor turned, set her feet and said, “Okay, let’s go.”

“Okay, one, two, three!” Qbit ran up the alley and disappeared. The professor pulled on Aura’s lead, but she wouldn’t move. “Come on, honey! We’ve got to go.” She pulled again; still, she wouldn’t move. The professor stroked her face, just above her beak, her favorite spot. “Honey, it’s going to be okay. I need you to go with me. Okay? I promise we are almost done, just a little further.” She set her feet again, looked her in the eye and said, “Ready?” Aura seemed to perk up a little. “Good girl. Now, let’s go.” She gently pulled the lead and this time Aura moved with her. “That’s a girl.” She got her up to a slow trot, looked forward toward the shimmer, held the lead a little tighter, closed her eyes and ran in.

They exited the gate right into the middle of a birthday party. A little girl’s eyes lit up as, suddenly, from out of nowhere, a beautiful creature appeared.

“Ooooohhhh, Daddy, thank you!

Then, just as suddenly as it appeared, it disappeared.

 “Ohhwuh! No fair!”

The professor opened her eyes long enough to make out the shimmer of the third gate. Aura was still moving at a good clip, so she pushed on without breaking stride. Out of the corner of her eye she could make out a little girl’s face. She was smiling from ear to ear. She yelled, “Happy birthday, kid” as she pulled the tired gryphon through the shimmering air.

Her next step was onto a gravel driveway. She slid to a stop.

“You made it!” shouted Qbit. “I got worried when I didn’t see you behind me. What happened?”

Aura needed a little convincing that’s all. I think she might have been a little afraid of the gates, but I told that was ridiculous, there’s nothing to worry about.” She smiled at Qbit.

Qbit came over to her and gave her a hug.

From behind them came a voice.

“Well, it’s nice to see you two made it through safely.”

Qbit and the professor turned to see Mrs. Privet standing in front of them.

She took a step toward them when Aura suddenly collapsed to the ground.

Chapter 11- They’re on Their Way.

{Chapter 2396 of the Book of Keepers}

Ryan pulled the truck up next to a Jeep and shut off the engine.

A man walked up to him and said, “There it is sir, just as we found it.”

Ryan stepped out of the vehicle. “Well done, Rory, I wish I had gotten here earlier but I was tied up with Chad. Did you catch a glimpse of the gate?”

“No sir. But it’s obvious they used it. There’s two sets of boot prints and a set of Griffin prints that suddenly disappear right over there.”

They both walked over to the spot. Ryan pulled out a small tablet that looked exactly the same as Qbit’s. “According to this, the gate moved away a half hour ago.”

Rory squatted and ran a hand over one of Aura’s prints. “It must have disappeared just as I got here, we almost had them.” He looked up at Ryan. “Shall I let Chad know the boat was a decoy and that they’re still alive?”

Ryan put the tablet back into his pocket. “No, I think we’ll all be better off if he thinks they’re dead. It’ll make things easier for us.”

“Yes, sir, I agree.”

They turned and headed back toward the vehicles.

Ryan said, “I’ll meet you at the lab, I’ve got something I need to take care of.”

“Yes, sir.” Rory climbed into the Jeep and pulled away.

Ryan pulled out the tablet again, tapped the screen then waited. After a few seconds he heard a voice say, “Yes?”

“They’re on their way.”

“Okay, we’ll be waiting.”

Ryan swiped across the tablet’s screen with his finger, watched it power off, then put it back in his pocket and climbed into the truck.

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