1. The Beginning

I have come to find out that, when writing a book,  the beginning is not always where you start. Also, the story you thought you were going to write changes and flows with the development of its characters. All that great stuff you had in your head or paragraphs you thought were perfect can very easily go by the wayside or, hopefully, morph into something more exciting.

So, with that being said, I have started this blog anew. The new Emily and Qbit chapters are a lot to read (sorry Johnny), but they helped me get a better idea of how I want the rest to go. I will make other posts of the bits and pieces that I feel are reader worthy. They won’t be in order because, for some reason, I can’t get my brain to work that way.

So, consider these blogs as mini stories. They may be all over the place but bear with me and, one day, it will all make sense. As always I would appreciate any feed back you can give me.



4 thoughts on “1. The Beginning

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  1. Paul, most of what I write never follows chronological order during the writing process.. Usually, the ending is what I write first. I learned to just go with what works, so you are not alone! I’ve written chapters of fiction that ended up in entirely different stories. Just writing is the important part. A long read is GOOD when the substance is there. My biggest failing is getting wordy when my assignment is a specific word count. Glad to see you banging away again – let it flow!


  2. More! I want to read more! Don’t just leave me here, Paul! Your written description of the characters – both human and bot/metal – are so vivid that I see them all in my head. I think an illustrator needs to get to work bringing them to life visually 😉 I like the choice of the name Pliny (though, I admit I didn’t remember who he was and had to google the name!) Once I learned who he had been, the name is perfect. Keep on writing, brother.


    1. Sandy. thank you! I do have more and will be posting soon. Pliny’s name has been changed to Tau. It reflects his original destination which he never reached. Pliny had too much connection to earth creating timeline issues. I thought changing it would ultimately make more sense. What do you think?


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