Skyler and the Roc

Mythical Beast The Roc pictured above. Previously, Skyler was in Cape Cod with Qbit looking for the old man from which Skyler had purchased the hidden gate detector. Just before he stepped through the gate, he learned he was going to have to go by himself. The first thing Skyler noticed when he stepped into... Continue Reading →

Maria Parcak-Ruiz Part 2

In Part 1, Maria, Curly and Lou had been blown clear of a collapsing cave. Lou and Curly were unhurt but Maria's leg had been injured when it was pinned under a large rock during the cave-in. Maria cringed with each step of her prosthetic leg. The pain had gotten worse, so bad, in fact,... Continue Reading →

Maria Parcak-Ruiz Part 1

(Here's something new I'm trying: In order to read more about Maria, Curly, or Lou, click on their names up here or at the end of the story and a new page will open with more information about each of them.) Everything around her seemed to be moving all at once; the ceiling of the... Continue Reading →

Yuki Gets to Earth Part 13

For the second time since she arrived on the planet, Yuki had fallen asleep in a moving vehicle. The gentle swaying and the sound of her mom’s voice had made keeping her eyes open difficult. Her mom, noticing her head drop forward for the umpteenth time, had finally insisted she go to bed. Yuki was... Continue Reading →

Yuki Gets to Earth Part 12

The trip had been uneventful, and the weather stayed nice. Yuki was used to seeing the same type of lifeless and monotonous landscape on the moon, so it didn’t really bother her that she was seeing the same type of thing down here. Every now and then she could hear her grandmother singing, humming or... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1 Part 1

 “Let’s get this straight, right now; I hate to read.” So, when, on the first day of summer break, I was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying my second helping of Crackly O’s, I love these things, my mom came over and set a huge, dusty, old book down in front of me. She folded... Continue Reading →

Qbit and Skyler Part 2

This is going to be a long one folks so get comfortable and enjoy! Qbit’s push through the gate caused Skyler to lose his balance. He hit the beach face first and spread-eagle; his helmet ended up half buried in a mound of sand. Somehow, Qbit managed to arrive upright and on both feet. Skyler... Continue Reading →

Yuki Gets to Earth Part 11

Yuki kept her glasses off so that the three of them could talk as they got the cabin ready for their departure.  Kit assigned himself to a supervisory position and let them handle the actual work. Yuki and Oya put a couple of pieces of firewood into the stove, straightened up the small bed and... Continue Reading →

Hi Charlotte!

Charlotte, I wanted to let you know I got your email about what you've read so far of Qbit and the Keepers of the Blue Planet! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed reading about Emily and her grandmother. I really, really appreciate your input, it helps me to know that what I'm writing is... Continue Reading →

Yuki Gets to Earth Part 10

Yuki stepped up onto a wooden pallet set outside the door. A small sign hung by a rusty wire, it read; Wipe your feet! She looked down to see that she was standing on a worn rubber mat; the word WELCOME was almost completely faded from what was probably years of people following the signs... Continue Reading →

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